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10:04 15 October in Alerts, News

Newsletter Blog PicThe third quarter has come to an end and we are pressing forward into the fourth quarter. As a Mutual it is our goal to keep our members informed and our newsletter is a great way of reaching the masses. Each quarter we send out a newsletter featuring a variety of articles written by our staff members. Topics include: trending hazards our trainers and representatives are finding in the field, safety tips and solutions, as well as thoughts straight from the President’s desk.

The current newsletter highlights the growing concern with our truck drivers and the continuous rise in accidents involving trucks across the industry. Mr. Keith Biggs, President, summed up the issue,

“We need to do something. In almost all of the cases of a serious accident or rollover incident, excessive speed for the road or conditions was the cause of the accident…. We, and I mean everyone in this industry, needs to do better with training our truck drivers from start to finish.”


There is also mention of driver distractions are a steadily growing problem for drivers due to the widespread growth of cell phone usage and the growth in population which has resulted in a larger amount of drivers on the road.

As a means to address the rising toll of trucking accidents the Mutual formed TEAM Truck Safety in late July. This task force is headed by Loss Control Director, JJ Lemire and Business Development Manager, Jimmie Locklear. At the inception meeting the group developed a mission statement:

“To reduce accidents through effective fleet management, increasing the number of safe, qualified drivers in order to deliver a sustainable and profitable supply chain.”


Other articles in the newsletter take a look at the leadership surrounding Forestry Mutual, the importance of knowing where your job is located in case first responders need to reach your crew, workers compensation fraud and understanding contract requirements.

If you have not yet reviewed the newsletter please read it here: FORESTRY MUTUAL NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2015

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